Image and Color Analysis

  By Donna Vanderburg

belladonna is very excited to offer a new range of services, aimed at helping you to look and feel your best.

New to Mammoth, Virginia Neave is a Professionally trained and accredited Image and Color Consultant. She will be coming on board at belladonna, to offer her expertise, by providing Personal Color Analysis; which entails determining what colors, patterns and styles of clothing look best on you; and Personal Style Analysis, which determines what hair color and style suits your face and what make-up compliments your skintone.

Virginia says, "We’ve all stood in front of the closet and uttered the words", 'I have nothing to wear' or even wondered why when wearing our favorite outfit, we simply seem to be lacking that ‘spark' ".

You now have the chance to learn how to look great and feel fantastic every day, simply by understanding how color, fabric, hair, make-up and style combine to enhance your appearance and how to manage these elements in order to achieve your own unique look. When you know you look great, you walk, talk and think differently. Your improved appearance and renewed confidence can result in others seeing you in a positive new light.

Owner of belladonna, Donna Vanderburg, says "In Mammoth, our relaxed mountain lifestyle allows us to be comfortable in sweats, jeans and a t-shirt. Thats great, but lots of people would like to be in style and up on the latest trends. Also several professions, such as realtors, sales, or other executives, need to look more polished, when dealing with clients from L.A., to make a great first impression, which could clinch your deal and make clients come back for more and refer you to others. You can still wear jeans and a T-shirt, but dress it up with some accessories, great shoes, a stylish purse, a hairstyle that suits your face and a touch of mascara and lipgloss, while still being comfortable, it doesn't take much to add some wow to your appearance. Virginia can teach you how to do it economically, since most of us are on a budget".

To schedule your own Personal Color or Style Analysis with Virginia, contact belladonna.

We also offer Massage, Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, Make-Up and Waxing "Specializing in Brazillian Bikini", in our location inside the Holiday Inn. (760) 934-3344.

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