The Talk of the Town: Brazilian Bikini Waxing

  By Donna Vanderburg

We have all heard about it, some of us have tried it, regulars love it, friends encourage us to get one, boyfriends and husbands, really encourage us to get one. What is it? Brazilian Bikini Waxing.

Started in Europe, like all other cutting edge trends, the Brazilian has taken hold in Los Angeles, and lots of Mammoth Locals are into getting this form of bikini waxing.

So you wonder what all the fuss is about? Well, ask anyone who has it done and they will tell you. It leaves you with a clean, smooth feeling. Similar to a regular bikini wax, the Brazilian takes it farther to remove all hair in the area. Some people like to leave a "landing strip", while others dare to bare it all.

Yes, it hurts, but only momentarily, just like the regular bikini. Most clients are more anxious about how it will feel, only to walk away saying, "wasn't as bad as I anticipated". The waxing in the bikini area is done as usual, but in the more delicate areas, a special Brazilian "hard wax" is used, and is less painful and irritating.

When done in our professional setting, your waxing technician will make you feel totally at ease.

At belladonna, we specialize in the Brazilian, and is the only place in Mammoth to get it done. You can schedule an appointment to come to our day spa, located inside the Holiday Inn, where you can relax fireside, while getting your waxing or we are also offering Brazilian Bikini Parties. Get a bunch of your girlfriends together and have fun taking it all off. We can accommodate 10-20 ladies in our private space at the hotel; Imagine a room full of laughing ladies, one of you is getting waxed (privately, while the others can be enjoying a massage or facial), all in the same room. This setting is perfect for the bridal shower, birthday, or just girls night out.

We also offer Massage, Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, Personal Color Analysis, Make-Up, and all types of waxing, Call belladonna 934-3344.

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