That Sunny Glow

  By Donna Vanderburg

We all love the look a suntan gives us, bronze coloring that makes our skin look glowing, seems to cover up those little imperfections and makes us look like we spent a week at the beach.

Although these are visual positives, the negatives far out way the benefits.

The sun is the single most item that ages the skin. In Mammoth, we are at a high altitude and the sun is much stronger, and it can take only a few minutes to be sunburned.

The facts are that it's not just a severe sunburn that can damage the skin. Its those 5 to 10 minutes we are outside and get stopped by a friend at the post office to chat, the quick walk with the dog, and those short hikes, that take longer than we expected, all the while we didn't put on sunscreen thinking we don't need it if we are not sunbathing or skiing etc.

Studies have shown that a week with these little bits of sun exposure are as damaging as a full day lying in the sun at the beach. We don't see the damage immediately, i.e., the sunburn. However, in time, fine lines, and pigmentation (brown spots) and even skin cancer can be the negative effect of the tan.

Wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is important to keeping your skin healthy and youthful. If you are performing actively in the sun, you should reapply every two hours. Once a day is not enough, if you plan on being outdoors all day long; even that SPF 45 will need to be reapplied.

There are two basic types of sunscreen — a physical block, such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide that works at physically preventing the suns rays from reaching the skin and a chemical block, such as parasol and Octinoxate that work at repelling or bouncing off rays from damaging the skin.

Someone with sensitive skin, Rosaceae, capillary activity (red cheeks or skin that flushes easily) should avoid chemical sunscreens, because they are triggers for aggravating the redness. Sunscreens have come a long way from the smelly, sticky, thick, white messes they used to be.

At belladonna Skin Care and Massage, we carry a full line of Dermalogica sunscreen, that includes sensitive skin sunscreen, foundation with sunscreen, tinted moisturizers with sunscreen and the all natural mineral make-up line of cosmetics by Jane Iredale, (similar to Bare Essentials) that include Liquid Mineral make-up, loose powder and pressed powders, all with sunscreen.

There are many self-tanning products that can provide a fake tan, without the damaging effects of tanning beds or the suns rays.

Call belladonna Skin Care & Massage for an appointment to discuss which products are best for you, (760) 934-3344.

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