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Belladonna Recommendations For Proper Nail And Foot Care

Belladonna Recommendations for Proper Nail and Foot Care

Wouldn’t we all love to get a mani and pedi every week? Well for most of us that’s not realistic. Shoot for a professional manicure and pedicure, once a month, and just like you take care of your hair and skin daily, pay attention to your nails and feet as well.

Cuticle Oil– I recommend a hydrating cuticle oil, which you can apply am and pm. Keep it at your desk, end table or bedside and massage in gently. I make and sell my own cuticle oil, which has blend of oils-including Sweet almond, kukui nut, Vitamin E, Walnut and Pecan Oils, then I make it smell yummy with an all natural essential oil. Or you can choose unscented. Don’t pick or tear at your cuticles, as this can invite infection and/or nail fungus

Hands- Don’t forget your hands, I recommend treating your hands as you do your face. When you cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and apply sunscreen to your face- Do the same to your hands, to help them look fresh and lessen the aging process/appearance. I carry a lotion blend I make which is an oil and lotion combo. I can customize the essential oil blend of your choice or unscented .If you suffer from extremely dry hands/cuticles or cracks in finger tips-I rec Okeefes Working Hands Hand Cream-a tiny amount goes a long way and w twice daily use, you will see results

Fungus- If you have a nail fungus on your nails or toenails, its imperative to treat it with an anti-fungus product. Otherwise, you may spread it to other nails, your partner, etc. Toenail fungus is very common and its important to make sure you go to a salon that practices top notch cleaning of their tools. But nails salons are not the only place to get fungus- it can be caught from using “spa” slippers/shower shoes, public saunas/showers/pools etc, moisture from wet socks/perspiration, make sure to change your socks daily. Don’t share clippers/files with your partner. If you think you may have a fungus, quick diagnosis and treatment is recommended, I suggest checking with your doctor and if he recommends a topical product, I carry Nail Tek Nail Fungus Treatment
Damaged/Thin/Weak Nails- When you get a manicure, if your nails are weak or damaged, I use the Nailtek Foundation and Top Coat System. Which you can also purchase and use at home to help rebuild and restore your nails.

Heels/Calluses- Many of us get calluses and rough heels, some worse with cracks that are painfull. I have the best pedicure tool to remove/soften calluses and I recommend THE BEST EVER!!! Foot Balm. Okeefes Heel Balm, which I carry and swear by. Apply it daily before bed-with or without socks. This balm makes your heels feel like butter.

Ingrowns- DO NOT let a manicurist PICK at your ingrown nails!!! Its against California law and can cause an infection. Only a Podiatrist should treat an ingrown toenail problem. To help prevent them, trim nails straight across and not too short and don’t wear tight shoes.

Gel Polish- Gel is great and can last 2-3 weeks(depending on how hard you are on your nails) without chipping or peeling. Unlike a regular manicure, which usually chips in a few days.

Gel is not damaging to your nails, UNLESS… you are like so many people who pick at it and peel it off. Then it tears off sheets of your nail with it. I recommend getting a gel removal manicure and if you want to re-apply the gel, great. If not I apply the Nailtek foundation, to help strengthen your nails, then regular polish.

*I will apply a Gel Clear Top Coat over a regular pedi polish at no additional charge-Your nails will dry instantly and you can put your shoes on right away. Its great for winter, so you don’t have to wear flip flops in the snow.