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Gel Polish-Manicures And Pedicures

Gel Polish-Manicures and Pedicures

Gel Polish is the most requested nail service and is all the trend.

Don’t you just hate it when your manicure or pedicure chips in a few days? Or smudges before you get to your car?

Gel polish could be the answer for you.
It goes on like polish, but instead of the regular manicure polish, which lasts about 3-5 days on average, gel polish lasts an average of 2-3 weeks, without chipping, and keeps that glossy shine, like a fresh manicure or pedicure.

There are lots of colors to choose from and you can customize your mani or pedi with fun nail art as well.
Gel can be healthy for your nails, unlike the “Old School” acrylics (hey 1980 called and they want their acrylics back and the big hair too) that can really damage your nails. As long as you remove them properly, your nails will stay in good condition.

Are gels right for you? I consult with each of my clients before a gel application, to see if they are getting them for a special occasion, ie wedding, vacation etc. Or if they are planning on maintaining them longer term.

With gel, you need to come in about every 2-3 weeks, depending on your nail outgrowth, or how hard you are on your nails- and have them removed properly (ladies-do not peel them off your nails!!!! This damages your nails) and either have them reapplied, or removed and get a professional manicure to keep the nails healthy.
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