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Green Peel Exfoliating Facial

Donna Vanderburg

The Green Peel Exfoliating Facial is a medically developed method of exfoliation, using natural plant ingredients. The herbal compounds work together, to achieve a variety of results, targeted at specific skin care concerns, such as: sun damage, pigmentation, acne, fine lines, etc. It is great for dull skin, and can be used on most skin types, with the exception of sensitive skin.

After an initial consultation of your skin, I will determine what level of treatment is best for your skin’s specific needs. With the Green Peel treatment, I can customize the level of exfoliation, from mild to more aggressive and with the All Natural Ingredients, some clients love that they are putting elements from the earth on their skin, instead of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which are the typical form of exfoliation, used by skin care professionals.

The Green Peel is a fabulous exfoliating treatment, to get your skin looking its best, fresh, glowing and vibrant. It works at a cellular level to help promote collagen and boost new skin cell growth.

At belladonna, we have also kept the cost down on this treatment, to make it affordable to everyone, since, in the Big City, you can plan on paying about double for this specialty service. bellladonna is excited to be offering the Green Peel Exfoliant for $195.00.

Call belladonna, to set an appointment for your Green Peel Exfoliating Facial. We also offer Massage, Facials-Customized with Dermalogica Products, Jane Iredale Natural Mineral Make-Up and Waxing-Specializing in Brazillian Bikini Waxing. We are located inside Holiday Inn. 760-934-3344.