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Sensitive Skin and Rosacea

By Donna Vanderburg

Rosacea is a chronic condition whose cause and cure is still unknown and, despite the fact that it is usually not a medically serious complaint, the affects of Rosacea on an individual’s self-esteem can be very great.

Common symptoms include sensitive skin, flushing or blushing that occurs easily and often and lasts longer than normal, rashes and redness on part or all of the face, often has the appearance of sunburn and may become worse over time and in the most advanced stages, acne type pimples from mild to severe.

The stages of Rosacea vary from mild to severe, the goal is to maintain your skin, by using the right products and caring for it in the correct manner, to prevent the condition from getting worse.

The products you use on sensitive skin or Rosacea are very important, because these types of conditions are aggravated by certain products and ingredients. You will want to keep your routine simple and you need to use a mild cleanser, sensitive skin moisturizer, and non-chemical sunscreen. Using a calming mask, toner and acne spot treatment can also be added to your routine, if necessary. Sensitive skin and Rosacea-type skin, should not use scrubs, buff puffs, harsh washcloths, hot water, steam rooms-saunas, hot towels, hydroxy acids and most exfoliants.

Symptoms are often aggravated by products containing perfumes, dyes, hydroxy acids, chemical-based sunscreen, make-up and the elements; such as sun exposure, changes or extremes in temperature, wind, and consumption of certain foods (including spicy foods, caffeine & alcohol).

Most people can find great results by simply using the correct products and procedures on their skin.

If you are not sure what type of skin you have, or are confused or concerned about how to keep you skin looking its best, contact belladonna for a free skin care consultation, or schedule a consultation and a facial. We customize a skin care program and educate you on the routine that is best for your skin. Locals specials are available year round.

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