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To Wax Or Not To Wax — That Is The Question

To Wax or not To Wax — That is the Question

By Donna Vanderburg

So, you have never waxed anything — your brows, underarms, bikini, legs or that noticeable mustache your girlfriend keeps nagging for you to remove. Maybe you tried waxing yourself and after the first pull of that fabric strip, you screamed and then called your best friend to get you out of a messy situation.

You don’t have to wax yourself or shave anymore. Go to a professional. At belladonna Skin Care and Massage, we offer all types of waxing, and specialize in Brazilian Bikini waxing.

Waxing can be quick, easy and not as painful as you may think. The process takes about 20 minutes to shape a brow or bikini, 15-30 minutes for a Brazilian Bikini, 30 minutes for a leg, 10 for the lip. You can even get waxed on your lunch hour. The results are smooth skin that can last for several weeks. No more shaving every other day. The outgrowth will need to be waxed again in about a month, depending on your hair growth.

For someone new to waxing, there are some tips you need to follow. The hair should be about 1/4 inch long, for best results. The hair grows in stages, and if you think of it as a new stage coming to the surface of the skin about once a week, it normally takes about 4-6 weeks for all of the four stages to emerge. The optimum time to wax would be at the end of the outgrowth cycle, so you can pull all stages of hair from the root. You can still get waxed earlier, if the stubble bothers you, but the new stages can emerge within a few days and the results aren’t as long lasting.

Once you have been a faithful waxer, some of the benefits you can expect, are longer times in between waxing, slower hair growth, and more sporadic patches of hair.

Some things to avoid prior to waxing are the use of prescription topical facial medications, such as Retin A., Renove, Metrogel, Differin, Glycolic acids and the oral drug Accutane. Inform your Esthetician if you are taking or have ever taken any of these or similar medications, before waxing, to prevent lifting of the skin.

After waxing, for at least 24 hours, you should avoid sunbathing, tanning beds, saunas, hot water, perfumes, antiperspirants and exfolliants. Always use sunscreen on any freshly waxed areas, to protect the newly exposed skin.
Try our new “No Scream Cream”, prior to waxing to anesthetize the area, to lesson the pain of waxing. You apply the product 35 minutes before your appointment. Or if you are prone to ingrown hairs, we recommend our Dermalogica product, Medicated Clearing Gel, that can be applied daily to help prevent and heal ingrowns..

Call belladonna at 760-934-3344 for an appointment. We are located inside Holiday Inn at 3236 Main St., Mammoth Lakes. We also offer Massage, Facials, Make-Up, Manicures, Pedicures, Personal Color Analysis and ask about scheduling a Girls Night Out Spa Party; Held in the Holiday Inn Spa Party Room # 309, for Weddings, Showers, Bachelorette Parties, B-days, Teen Girls Night Out or just for the fun of it.